Well, we made it past 12/21....  And Christmas....  And New Year's....  Now it's time to tackle a whole new year.  I only have two goals this year.  First:  I'm looking do to at least one craft show this year to try and get my brand out there locally.  Second:  Create and post at least one button design per week.  This can be anything from a saying to a holiday.  Maybe a new way to design a picture button.  Anything.  Just keep creating and posting.

Hope everyone has a great year!
This is it!  I've gotten the ornament samples done and have chosen one to send out to my family.  It was a hard decision and I changed my mind several times but the Wreath beat out the others.  (The picture taken with my phone does not do it justice.) 

I have to press at least one button/ornament to see how the finished product will look.  They don't always translate well onto paper.  The Tree ornament looked great on my monitor, but the gray background ended up being too dark.  In comparison, the Bow ornament didn't look good at all on the computer, even after I lightened up the green background, but turned out really great once printed out and pressed. 
Check out the others.
The 2012 Christmas ornament I will send out to my family in lieu of Christmas cards.
And I am not ready!!  I've had this idea to create tree ornaments out of my 2 1/4" buttons for a long time, just haven't had time to get crackin'.  Everything has been so busy.  But last night I finally got a chance to do some design work and have 6 "possibles" for this year.  Luckily I'm not going to try and sell these, they will just be for family memento's to hang on the tree.  I hope to make this a tradition and eventually have a tree that only has button ornaments.